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Prospective Parents

Welcome to the website and thank you for showing an interest in joining our school.

Reception September 2023

Applications are open between Friday 4 November 2022 - Monday 16 January 2023 and can be made online at www.kent.gov.uk/ola. If parents are unable to access the online site, an alternative format can be requested by e-mailing kentonlineadmissions@kent.gov.uk.

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Dunton Green Primary School Tel:  01732 462221   

Email: office@dunton-green.kent.sch.uk


In Year Applications

We currently have limited spaces in some year groups, for further information please contact the school office on 01732 462221.


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Letters and reviews from pupils at our school

Why you should choose Dunton Green Primary School.

Harrison - Head Boy; At Dunton Green Primary School we do lots of learning, but we also have lots of fun particularly during PE lessons. Every year we have Sports day which is a whole afternoon of Sports.  I enjoy Sports day because I find it really challenging and I love to be challenged. If you like Sports, then this is the school for you!

We have lots of opportunities to play sports and enjoy the outdoors as during lunch time we can go on the field. We have a large, lovely field that has 2 football goals, a gazebo and lots of other sports equipment. I normally play football because that is my favourite thing to do but some people play on the equipment. If we’re not on the field due to bad weather, then we are most likely to be on the playground which is also a good size.

At our school, the teachers try and make the learning as fun as possible. They also try and make it as challenging as possible which I love. In Maths I find it fun because you can push yourself however much you want to. I try to get on to Challenge (the hardest level of questions) every time because I like to be challenged. My favourite lesson is PE because we get to do 2 different sports each term! I also enjoy Science because I love to get involved in experiments and on one occasion, we got to send balloons up in the air with a message on them and waited to see if we got a response from anyone. All in all, I love the learning at Dunton Green Primary School.

Every pupil is always happy here because they either enjoy the learning or enjoy the community feel that the school encourages. I enjoy both because I love to learn but also enjoy the company of others. As it’s such a small school you know everyone and get to know each of the teachers very well.  You make lots of new friends quickly here at Dunton Green because of how kind and welcoming everyone is.  If I were someone that was choosing which school to go to, I would always choose Dunton Green. I’ve been here since reception and I have loved every single bit of it!

Willow - Year 2

Matilda in Year 6 - Dunton Green primary school may be a small school, but it has a big heart. All the teachers are friendly and kind and are willing to help you, when needed. At Dunton Green you make lifelong friends who will be with you to make that journey through primary school fun and exciting. There are lots of activities and clubs to join, from football, music and singing you are sure to find your inner talent. At lunch and break you can roam free in our big field and playground giving you endless space to enjoy the summer sun. Over the year the teachers organise several special days, including some of my favourites, world book day, science week and sports day. The fun just keeps on going and you never know when they are going to happen, but they are always fun and memorable.

Megan in Year 6 - I am happy at Dunton Green School. The school is great at supporting pupils with their work, they are very understanding and open minded. The core values are a key part of the school’s curriculum, they are respect, teamwork, resilience, perseverance and achievement. Our core values showcase the attitude children have towards learning and each other. Pupils are treated fairly and with respect, which encourages them to act as good role models for the school. If a child doesn’t behave they have the proper discipline that they need. The learning is aimed at the core curriculum so pupils receive the correct learning. My favourite thing about Dunton Green school is the clubs and activities we get to participate in, I enjoy the drama club especially.

Domi - Year 2


Floyd - Year 6

Dear prospective parents,

My name is Floyd, I have been at Dunton Green since reception. The teachers have marvellous methods of teaching. For example, in the earlier years I loved that we learnt without realising that we were learning. Also, I love that there is never a day where we just sit, staring at a whiteboard all day. We often have visitors to help us deepen our interest and provide more practical learning activities. In year 4, we had an expert on Vikings come and show us what things were like in those times. I particularly like our immersive world book days, both the teachers and students dress like somebody in a book; last year, it was Harry Potter based. We do lots of sports events and challenges, like sports day, which is where the 4 houses, Marcus Rashford, Nicola Adams, Ashley Banjo and Jessica-Ennis-Hill, our teachers also arrange intra-school competitions for basketball, football, netball and many more. We also have core values, perseverance, respect, resilience, teamwork and achievement. Resilience especially playing a huge part in getting through lockdown. I’m going to miss Dunton Green when I go to a new school.

Millie - Year 1


Adam - Year 6 Join us at Dunton Green Primary School and make wonderful memories. Our amazing teachers are caring and helpful and will spend hours to give you the best education and most fun time at our school possible. We have a large playground and a wonderful field with play equipment and lots of room to run around. You can even have a nice chat with friends in the quiet area. All the children and staff are so kind and accepting of everybody in every year group so nobody feels left out. I have learnt so much since joining in year R and have made some fantastic friends. Even through lockdown the teachers are keeping in touch and helping us with our schoolwork and making sure we are staying in contact with the class, whether it is for maths or English help or even a fun zoom call.

I am in year 6 and I have had a great time at Dunton Green Primary and I will always have treasured memories of my time here.

So come and join our school and learn and have fun.


Sammy - Year 6 I would recommend Dunton Green Primary School because the teachers that we have are astonishing. They always help you in their spare time (if you need it) and they are very caring towards the children. They will acknowledge when you are feeling down and will be very supportive when needed. The food varieties are amazing and very healthy. The dinner ladies are extremely helpful and very friendly with the children. Dunton Green has changed my life and hopefully it will change your child’s too.


Letters and reviews from parents at our school

Dear Future parents of Dunton Green Primary School. 

It’s with great pleasure that I speak about Dunton Green Primary School, all my expectations have been exceeded. I am sure that in another school my daughter would have so much attention and care in her beginning to school. Dunton Green is a small school that provides greater contact with all students and makes the school our second family. 

I hope see you there.

Parent of Reception Class child


 My husband and I can’t recommend Dunton Green Primary school enough. Our son is currently in reception and loves everything about it especially Miss White! The encouragement the children get throughout their learning is amazing along with the praise notes that he comes home with really boost his confidence. We visited all the local schools in the area before putting Dunton Green down as our first choice as we were so impressed by the teachers and support staff and how they support the children throughout their learning. The school has gone from strength to strength with Ms Boanas as head teacher and Miss White is a credit to the school as reception teacher! Throughout this challenging time the support has been outstanding and our son can’t wait to get back into the classroom.  From zoom assembly’s with merit awards, numerous dojo points to keep them motivated, live lessons and group sessions to help keep the children in contact with their friends, as well as daily messages from Miss White and story time for them to look forward to on a daily basis, we couldn’t ask for more! It really is a lovely school and we’re glad our daughter will be following in her brothers footsteps. 

Parent of Reception Class Child


We’ve been surprised and delighted by the diverse cultures represented in the school – our daughter is fascinated by some of the new things she is hearing and seeing as a result. Comments such as “My friend X can speak Spanish Mummy,” we couldn’t be happier. We were blown away to overhear our 4 ½ year old telling her younger sister about “Teamwork” whilst they were building a lego model together – she occasionally hears a word and relates it to “My Core Values from School”.  Our daughter has been over the moon to receive a “well done” postcard from Ms Boanas in the post – what a lovely incentive. 

Parent of  Reception Class Child


 Dear Tracey and your wonderful staff,
Just to say so many congratulations on your literacy award achievement.
This really is a testament to how hard you all work and how strong your leadership, ethos, vision and commitment are to our school, children and community.
I’m so proud that you are my local school and that I chose for my son to come to you; I got ‘the feeling’ on the open day and you deliver everything I was hoping for. My son has such great opportunities to develop due to your proactive ideas, inclusion and support of all students and families.

Parent of  Reception Class Child


Dunton green is a fantastic village school which has provided both our children with a nurturing caring environment which has allowed them to thrive.

Academically they have been motivated and encouraged to be the best they can be.

Most of all, they are happy and feel safe and cared for by all the staff.  A great start in life! 

Parent of child in Year 5