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At Dunton Green, we inspire our children through a meaningful maths curriculum so they can fluently recall number facts, reason using mathematical vocabulary, confidently approach problem solving and make logical connections in their own lives.

Maths at Dunton Green focuses on the mastery approach, allowing children to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. The mastery approach allows all children to succeed and progress with their mathematics learning, supporting them to develop lines of enquiry and providing the children with access to a high quality maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable. Our children receive high quality maths teaching based on White Rose Maths that encourages children to have a positive, confident and curious attitude towards maths. We enable children to learn through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

Concrete representation: Students are introduced to an idea or skill using real objects such as counters or toys.

Pictorial representation: When pupils have sufficient understanding using real objects, they move on to use visual representations of the objects and then progress onto other representations such as bar models or part-whole models.

Abstract representation: The final step in the learning journey is for pupils to now represent problems using mathematical notation including writing and using equations and formal working methods.

The children are introduced to a variety of concrete and pictorial resources in KS1 which they continue to use in KS2, enabling them to deepen their understanding and fully explore a concept. Links are made to real life and children are encouraged to use maths throughout the school day, making connections to concepts they have previously learnt.

Children are encouraged to be confident mathematicians and show their core values of perseverance and resilience in their maths lessons. ‘Marvellous mistakes’ are celebrated as a learning opportunity by teachers and children. Vocabulary is at the centre of our maths learning and all children are encouraged to reason using appropriate mathematical vocabulary to explain their understanding or working out.

We believe that same day intervention and verbal feedback is crucial to supporting pupils understanding and children who have misconceptions or are lacking confidence are worked with every day through same day intervention. This is also supported through our homework approach. In Year 2 and above, children are sent home maths home learning 4 times a week that is directly linked to their learning that day. This home learning allows children to revisit the learning from the day to reinforce the concept before building on that the next lesson.


 Curriculum Overview 

Calculation policy

White Rose Skills Progression


Maths on a Page

The documents below identify the key learning each child should cover in each year group. 


Year 1

Year 2

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