Dunton Green Primary School

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  • "Provision in the Early Years is Good" (OFSTED 2016)
  • "Parents are appreciative of the welcoming approach of the new headteacher and staff." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The school successfully promotes pupils' good personal development and welfare." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The list of clubs is impressive, with pupils having opportunities to learn, among other sports, judo, break-dancing, tennis and football."
  • "Parents value how happy their children are at school." (OFSTED 2016)


We take pride in the our appearance at Dunton Green Primary School, and all pupils are expected to comply with our uniform requirements.  Dunton Green has a smart, practical uniform which is economical to buy. The school appreciates the support which we receive from parents ensuring that all our pupils wear the uniform.

We believe that the uniform is important to:

  • help pupils to develop a sense of identity and pride in their school.
  • help staff when they take the children out of the school environment.
  • discourage discrimination as everyone is wearing the same outfit.

The following items of uniform can be purchased from:

Horncastles, 66 High Street, Sevenoaks TN13 1JR

Telephone: 01732 453574  

Website: www.horncastles.co.uk



Day Uniform 

PE Kit 
V Neck Sweater or Cardigan with Logo                 

Yellow Polo Shirt with Logo

Reversible Fleece Jacket (optional)

Green PE Kit Bag

Green Book Bag

Sweatshirt  with Logo     (optional)      

School Tie











Other items of uniform may be purchased through any high street retailer as we help to ensure uniform is economical to our parents.

Day Uniform 

                        PE Kit   
White Shirt/Blouse                              

Green PE Shorts

Grey Trousers                        



Green Tunics


 Green Jogging Bottoms (optional


Green Skirts


Green Tights


 Grey socks or


 White socks 


Shoes must be low or flat heeled black shoes (no trainers).

Please ensure that ALL clothing and personal property are clearly named.

Jewellery may not be worn at school with the exception of stud earrings, and jewellery worn for religious purposes.

For Healthy and Safety stud earrings should be removed for PE 

A painting shirt helps to protect clothes in art/technology lessons.

PLEASE NOTE that polo shirts are not acceptable school uniform and ties should be worn.
All pupils should have a suitable waterproof outdoor coat for playtimes and outdoor learning.  We aim to be on the field for play as much as possible so please do bring appropriate footwear. In addition, we ask pupils' to bring in a pair of wellington boots so that we can use the outside area when it is wet. We try to go outside in all weathers. 

Nail varnish and other make up should not be worn in school please and children entering school with it on will be asked to remove it.


Please click here to see the latest price list from Horncastles