Dunton Green Primary School

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  • "Provision in the Early Years is Good" (OFSTED 2016)
  • "Parents are appreciative of the welcoming approach of the new headteacher and staff." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The school successfully promotes pupils' good personal development and welfare." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The list of clubs is impressive, with pupils having opportunities to learn, among other sports, judo, break-dancing, tennis and football."
  • "Parents value how happy their children are at school." (OFSTED 2016)

School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Nourish Catering and cost £2.20 for all children in the Junior years.  We are fortunate to have large school kitchen and our meals are cooked on site, offering a range of options throughout the week.  The Governing Body are very excited by out contract with Nourish (which started a year ago) and spend lots of time ensuring that we chose a company who could provide high quality food using the freshest local produce for our children.

We have an official day when reception parents join us for lunch in September however if anyone else would like to try the food then there will be opportunities during parents evenings.  If this is something that particularly worries you then please contact Miss Masson directly and we will be more than happy to accomodate you during one of our lunch times.

The termly school dinner menu is sent home to all parents in the school, click here to see the latest menu or please look online at http://www.nourishcontractcatering.co.uk/primary-menus/

For this term's Newsletter from Nourish click here

Payments can be made either:

  • Through cash or cheque in an envelope labelled for the attention of Nourish 
  • Payment can be made through Parentmail direct to Nourish.


Under new legislation brought in on 14th December 2014 food providers are obliged to have available information on possible allergens in the food that they are serving the children.  If this is something that concerns you and your child then please contact them directly to ask for this information and ensure that the school office are aware of any child's allergies' through the completion of our medical form.

Free School Meals for all Infant Children

The Government's offer all children of Infant age (Reception and Years 1&2) a free school meal everyday.

Pupil Premium

The school receives money from the Government to support those children who may be eligible for a free school meal (known as the Pupil Premium, further information is available on this website under the 'Learning' toolbar). In order for the school to receive this additional money, to support these children, it is essential that parents who feel they are eligible to claim for free school meals for their children still do so even if the children are of infant age. Without claiming for this the school will not receive the additional Pupil Premium money and the children will miss out on additional funding that they are entitled to.