Dunton Green Primary School

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  • "Provision in the Early Years is Good" (OFSTED 2016)
  • "Parents are appreciative of the welcoming approach of the new headteacher and staff." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The school successfully promotes pupils' good personal development and welfare." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The list of clubs is impressive, with pupils having opportunities to learn, among other sports, judo, break-dancing, tennis and football."
  • "Parents value how happy their children are at school." (OFSTED 2016)


Exciting news about our recent monitoring visit.

HMI – you may be aware that an inspector from HMI visited the school in my first week at Dunton Green. I am now happy to share the findings with you. This was a monitoring visit to see if the school was making progress against the targets from Ofsted to become a good school at the next inspection. The visit one was a positive one, with the inspector recognising the changes in leadership and the support from the team at Lady Boswell’s. He also recognised that the school is much improved and although there is still a journey ahead believes that the school will do well at the next inspection. The feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive. The full letter can be found on the Ofsted website. https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/118272


Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection in order to become a good school.



Teachers ask challenging questions and show awareness of pupils’ differing abilities when planning tasks for them to tackle. They check pupils’ understanding regularly and look for ways to deepen their understanding as a result.

Pupils’ attitudes to learning and their resulting focus and concentration are much improved, especially in key stage 2. Work on display is presented to a high standard. Work in pupils’ books shows increasing care over time and, although within a variable quality of presentation overall, some pupils have mastered exceptionally neat and fluent writing styles.


Following a wide-ranging external review of governance, governors ask more pertinent and appropriately challenging questions of school leaders about the school’s effectiveness. Leaders now also share with governors more useful information in a timely manner. As a result, governors are proactive in seeking clarification or requesting even greater detail, for example, about the performance of particular groups of pupils.


We know that there is still work to do, particularly for our more vulnerable learners and providing consistently good teaching across the whole school. However, the whole staff team are committed to making this happen. We are already planning for exciting learning opportunities and ways to challenge all children in the school. There will be a new behaviour policy and some new core values when we return in September. Dunton Green is an improving school and we are now starting to welcome more families into our community because of this.




Our latest OFSTED inspection took place in March 2016 and the report is now available to read via the link below 


Since the previous inspection the school had made major changes.  Changes include but are not limited to:

A new  Headteacher

5 new members of teaching staff

A new Inclusion Manager

New Key Stage 1 and 2 leaders

The implementation of Cornerstones Creative Curriculum

Substantial support from local Sevenoaks Partnership Schools

A reconstituted Governing Body

Outstanding support from our LEA, who at their last visit graded all areas as good across the school

Improved teaching and learning across the school

Improved behaviours for learning across the school

We are determined to move Dunton Green to be good and then outstanding.  Our School Improvement Plan in order to achieve this is available here.

A new School Development Plan will be shared with parents as soon as it is ratified by the Governing Body to address issues raised in the most recent report and to ensure that we make rapid progress towards being a good school.