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  • "Provision in the Early Years is Good" (OFSTED 2016)
  • "Parents are appreciative of the welcoming approach of the new headteacher and staff." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The school successfully promotes pupils' good personal development and welfare." (OFSTED 2016)
  • "The list of clubs is impressive, with pupils having opportunities to learn, among other sports, judo, break-dancing, tennis and football."
  • "Parents value how happy their children are at school." (OFSTED 2016)

Sports Premium

At Dunton Green Primary School we pride ourselves on having a strong tradition of taking an active part in inter-school sports competitions. We run a wide range of free after-school and before school activities every day of the week, offering opportunities for children to participate in a variety of sports from football to dance, judo to athletics.  This is in addition to a full programme of dance, gymnastics, games and swimming through class PE lessons.  Additionally from September 2016 the school will be taking part in the mile a day initiative and KS1 children will be taking part in 15 minutes of activity a day.

What is the ‘Sport Premium’ and how will it help us achieve our goals?

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for the Physical Education (PE) and Sport – often referred to as a ‘Sport Premium’. This funding is to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision. When asked about the 'Sport Premium' at its launch, Lord Coe reflected: ‘When I stood up in Singapore in 2005, I spoke of London's vision to connect young people with the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport. By focusing on primary schools, we have the opportunity to use sport and physical activity to shape the daily lives of young people. I know from my own experience what an impact teachers and their engagement can have on the lives of young people.’ (Lord Coe)

Dunton Green Primary School has received a sports premium funding of £9,659 so far with an additional amount to come in, in October. This is ring-fenced solely for physical education. It has enabled us to continue to improve the breadth and quality of sport we offer. The Sports Funding we have used to date has been quite minimal due to the vast range we already had and some providers (tennis) giving free class tuition. We are, however, now becoming more pro-active in how we can spend our funding.

Planned Expenditure for this financial year:

Please click here to see the Sport Premium Report for the current year


How this has impacted the children

The range of clubs offered to children has expanded and we have seen a 20% attendance rise across the school with a 30% increase in Key Stage 1 as we open up sports clubs to our younger children and actively encourage younger participation.  This will continue in the coming year with a new multiskills club for our youngest pupils.

What else we are looking to do:  

 Purchase 2 new permanent netball posts: children can use these to practise during break and lunch times.  

 Start to put in a B team in to events where possible and when events allow it (this is however dependent on parental support for lifts to events)  

 Introduce intra school house competitions each term (based on the timetable provided by the Sevenoaks Schools Sports Partnership)


 Look into enrolling a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 member of staff on ASA teachers swimming award. (Each Year)

 To investigate a staff PE kit

 To update the team kits to reflect the esteem we hold sport in, in our school

 In Summary: Dunton Green Primary School would like to involve as many children in physical activities as possible. We will strive to ensure that all children receive high-quality PE lessons and have the opportunity to attend sports clubs before and after school, (possibly lunchtime too). Through sport we would like children to increase their self-esteem, team work and leadership skills. We would also like to encourage them to have healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.